2021-04-05 PeteFeatures are a strict superset of busybox's features... master
2021-03-30 Ron Yorstonvi: deal with invalid movements in shift commands
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: code shrink
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: improve operations involving paragraph movement
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: improve motion by paragraph
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: allow repetition count for paragraph motion
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: allow motion count for change/delete/yank/shift
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: support more commands for range selection
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: improvements to character search within line
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: remember cursor column during vertical motion
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: 'G'/'M' commands move to first visible character
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: don't overwrite existing file
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: make buffer handling more vi-like
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: code shrink
2021-03-29 Ron Yorstonvi: fix word operations across line boundaries
2021-03-26 Denys Vlasenkontpd: code shrink (force not-inlining, stop returning...
2021-03-23 Denys Vlasenkotimeout,top,watch,ping: parse NN.N fractional duration...
2021-03-20 Denys Vlasenkoresume: write offset in /sys/power/resume_offset
2021-03-18 Denys Vlasenkologin: implement LOGIN_TIMEOUT
2021-03-16 Denys Vlasenkoudhcpc: ignore zero-length DHCP options, take 2
2021-03-16 Russell Seniorudhcpc: ignore zero-length DHCP options
2021-03-15 Denys Vlasenkoecho: special case "echo --help": it should not show...
2021-03-12 Samuel Sapalskidecompress_gunzip: Fix DoS if gzip is corrupt
2021-03-10 Denys Vlasenkohush: make LINENO selectable without BASH-COMPAT
2021-03-09 Sergey Ponomarevwget: new option FEATURE_WGET_FTP to enable/disable FTP
2021-03-09 Ron Yorstonbloat-o-meter: avoid double counting
2021-03-09 Denys Vlasenkostart-stop-daemon: explain -x + -a test
2021-03-02 Denys Vlasenkontpd: tweak comments
2021-03-02 Denys Vlasenkontpd: decrease INITIAL_SAMPLES from 4 to 3
2021-03-01 Denys Vlasenkovi: code shrink
2021-03-01 Alison Wintersvi: restore 0 offset after :set noXXX command
2021-02-26 Denys Vlasenkobc: typo fix in comment
2021-02-26 Denys Vlasenkodc: more docs in --help
2021-02-26 Denys Vlasenkodc: document what non-GNU commands do
2021-02-26 Denys Vlasenkobc/dc: fix length(0) and length(0.000nnn) result
2021-02-26 Denys Vlasenkodc: correct --help text
2021-02-23 Denys Vlasenkotrylink: do not drop libs from CONFIG_EXTRA_LDLIBS
2021-02-23 Natanael Copaecho: do not assume that free() leaves errno unmodified
2021-02-23 Ron Yorstonlineedit: support empty PATH entries in tab completion
2021-02-22 Ron Yorstondiff: code shrink
2021-02-22 Denys Vlasenkodnsd: check that we don't read past packet
2021-02-21 Denys Vlasenkoudhcp: reuse strings
2021-02-21 Denys Vlasenkontpd: log responses to clients at log level 3
2021-02-21 Denys Vlasenkontpd: without INITIAL_FREQ_ESTIMATION code, state varia...
2021-02-21 Denys Vlasenkontpd: remove unused USING_INITIAL_FREQ_ESTIMATION code
2021-02-21 Denys Vlasenkontpd: increase loglevel to 3 for "poll:32s sockets...
2021-02-20 Denys Vlasenkoudhcpc: clarify bcast/unicast sends in logs, include...
2021-02-18 Denys Vlasenkolibbb: fix '--help' handling in FEATURE_SH_NOFORK=y
2021-02-18 Denys Vlasenkoash: placate -Werror=format-security
2021-02-15 Denys Vlasenkoapplets/usage_pod.c: placate gcc
2021-02-07 Martin KaiserMakefile.flags: fix the OS detection for libresolv
2021-02-03 Ron Yorstonlibbb: introduce and use fputs_stdout
2021-02-03 Ron Yorstonlibbb: code shrink fgets_str
2021-02-02 Ron Yorstonnl: ensure '-b n' option displays file content
2021-02-02 Ron Yorstoncryptpw: typo in usage message
2021-02-02 Ron Yorstonvi: fix range selection by forward character motion
2021-02-02 Ron Yorstonlibbb: code shrink and speed up index_in_strings()
2021-02-02 Ron Yorstonlibbb: code shrink and speed up find_applet_by_name()
2021-02-02 Ron Yorstonawk: allow printf('%c') to output NUL, closes 13486
2021-02-02 Denys Vlasenkotraceroute: fix option parsing
2021-01-14 Bernd Kuhlsupdate_passwd: fix context variable
2021-01-09 Denys Vlasenkoash: match bash behavior for ${empty_var/*/repl}
2021-01-09 Denys Vlasenkoash: fix ${unset_var/pattern/repl}
2021-01-06 Denys Vlasenkobc: code shrink
2021-01-05 Denys Vlasenkopmap: fix column width, closes 13431
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovFix for the FEATURE_UTMP on the FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Denys Vlasenkobc: ^C on input line exits (unlike ^C during calculatio...
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovFix mail compilation on the FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovFix traceroute applet on the FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovFix ping build on the FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovFix ntpd compilcation on the FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovFix mknod compilation on the FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovFix missing "crypt.h" compilation error on the FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovFix klogd applet compilation on the FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovFix httpd compilation on the FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovFix bb_setpgrp weapper on the FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Alex SamorukovDo not add -lresolv on non-Linux systems
2021-01-04 Denys Vlasenkoash: improve --help
2021-01-04 Denys Vlasenkohush: code shrink
2021-01-03 Denys Vlasenkonuke: default to N
2021-01-03 Denys Vlasenkoash: code shrink
2021-01-03 Denys Vlasenkoash: make a strdup copy of $HISTFILE for line editing
2021-01-01 Andre Kalbudhcpc: Add support to change default interface name
2021-01-01 Denys Vlasenkotls: code shrink
2021-01-01 Denys Vlasenkotar: add TODO about a bug with non-writable directories...
2020-12-31 Denys Vlasenkonslookup: do not print "No answer" for NODATA replies...
2020-12-30 Denys Vlasenkolibbb: introduce and use xgettimeofday(), do not trunca...
2020-12-30 Denys Vlasenkolibbb/procps: smaller global data for username/groupnam...
2020-12-29 Denys Vlasenko*: use fopen helpers where appropriate
2020-12-29 Maxim Storchakhttpd: fix offset for sendfile
2020-12-29 Denys Vlasenkobc,dc: make BC_LINE_LENGTH/DC_LINE_LENGTH more compatib...
2020-12-29 Denys VlasenkoStart 1.34.0 development cycle
2020-12-29 Denys VlasenkoBump version to 1.33.0
2020-12-29 Denys Vlasenkolibiproute: band-aid for old uclibc missing IFA_FLAGS
2020-12-29 Denys Vlasenkomodprobe-small: convert to new recursive_action() API
2020-12-29 Denys Vlasenkobc: placate gcc (it thinks 's' can be uninitialized...
2020-12-29 Denys Vlasenkorandomconfig fixes
2020-12-27 Denys Vlasenkohush: make comment more clear
2020-12-27 Denys Vlasenkoman: implement SECTION parameters
2020-12-25 Denys Vlasenkotypo fix