Add bloatfe-tan.
[bloat] / model /
2021-11-21 PeteApply @r's quickreply patch.
2021-04-03 PeteCustom (per-user) CSS.
2021-01-14 PeteMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2020-11-22 rRefactor things
2020-11-14 rAdd notification interval setting
2020-10-20 PeteMerge branch 'master' of https://git.freesoftwareextrem...
2020-10-19 rAdd setting for default format
2020-09-03 rFix issues related to AntiDopamine mode
2020-09-03 HyphenAdd the Anti Dopamine feature
2020-06-18 rDisable scope selection when replying to a direct post
2020-05-24 rRefactor things
2020-04-25 rAdd option to hide attachments
2020-03-04 rRemove session details on signout
2020-02-18 rAdd frame based navigation
2020-02-02 rAdd status deletion
2020-02-01 rUse vendored dependencies
2020-01-28 rRefactor everything
2020-01-26 rAdd CSRF protection
2020-01-12 rAdd dark mode
2020-01-08 rAdd fluoride mode
2020-01-01 rRename package to bloat
2019-12-31 rAdd option to mask nsfw attachments
2019-12-29 rAdd default settings
2019-12-27 rAdd settings page
2019-12-26 rAdd post format selection
2019-12-21 rAdd support for scopes
2019-12-21 rUse a custom client for settings
2019-12-21 rUse json format for app and session repo
2019-12-21 rUse a single form for new posts and replies
2019-12-18 rAdd reply links on thread page
2019-12-17 rUse filesystem based kv store instead of sqlite
2019-12-13 rInitial commit