Use '@' prefix for all usernames
[bloat] / templates / notification.tmpl
2020-09-22 rUse '@' prefix for all usernames
2020-09-22 rUpdate CSS
2020-09-03 HyphenAdd the Anti Dopamine feature
2020-08-22 r@freesoftwareextr... Show username tootltip on avatar
2020-02-23 rUse <base> element to set target
2020-02-18 rAdd frame based navigation
2020-01-30 rRemove icons
2020-01-29 rUpdate notification layout
2020-01-28 rRefactor everything
2020-01-14 rRefactor renderer and templates
2020-01-12 rAdd dark mode
2020-01-01 rUse png icons instead of font icons
2019-12-25 rUpdate header template and add option for custom css
2019-12-22 rSwitch to fork-awesome font
2019-12-22 rFix css and template issues
2019-12-21 rUse local url for for mentioned users
2019-12-20 rAdd user page and follow/unfollow calls
2019-12-15 rAdd notification support