2022-08-15 PeteJust show this information. No blockbots required. master
2022-06-29 PeteAdd bloatfe-tan.
2022-06-20 PeteFix merge (this was bugging me)
2022-01-13 PeteAlso proper whitespace. Yes, I am testing this in...
2022-01-13 PeteI am so annoyed at Alex that I forgot that I didn't...
2022-01-13 PeteFuck people that intentionally break other people's...
2022-01-11 PetecLoSe ThE rIgHt TaG
2022-01-11 PeteI changed the regex but not the replacement.
2022-01-11 PeteMore greentext
2022-01-06 PeteI think I was trying to make copypaste easier and it...
2022-01-06 PeteTweak greentext
2022-01-06 Pete@r made greentext HE IS A GENIUS OF SCIENCE
2021-11-21 PeteMove the quick reply button again.
2021-11-21 PeteDisplay names are bloat!
2021-11-21 PeteAdd non-hovering quick reply.
2021-11-21 PeteApply @r's quickreply patch.
2021-11-21 rDisplay Mastadon fields on user page
2021-11-21 rEscape user display name
2021-08-16 PeteShow background images in profile headers.
2021-04-03 PeteCustom (per-user) CSS.
2021-04-03 PeteDo a bad thing to time.
2021-04-03 PeteEliminate two clicks from search.
2021-01-17 PeteFix merge. ...Again.
2021-01-17 PeteMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2021-01-17 PeteMerge commit 'e8bfd3093b0bf16c2ce56b3905ea640aa26d0127'
2021-01-17 rChange default theme colors
2021-01-17 rMake redirection work without Referer header
2021-01-16 rFix unread notification indicator
2021-01-16 rShow attachment file name instead of the type
2021-01-16 rShow emojis in poll options
2021-01-16 rMake like/retweet notification content semi-transparent
2021-01-16 rAdd reset button
2021-01-16 rAdd fallback notification
2021-01-16 rAdd follow request support
2021-01-16 rFix user info
2021-01-14 PeteFix merge
2021-01-14 PeteMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2021-01-14 PeteAdditional shade, also helps differentiate reposts.
2020-11-28 rFix RTL display name rendering
2020-11-24 rRemove kv folder from makefile
2020-11-22 rFix CSS
2020-11-22 rRefactor things
2020-11-14 rFix link targets
2020-11-14 rAdd notification interval setting
2020-11-11 rFix CSS issues
2020-10-30 rAvoid unnecessary API call on thread page
2020-10-30 rFix http client
2020-10-30 rUse username as title for mentions
2020-10-30 rFix CSS issues
2020-10-25 rUse favicon on all pages
2020-10-21 Pete@ is the ugliest character.
2020-10-21 PeteUn-@ further.
2020-10-21 PeteUn-@ and fix a merge I botched.
2020-10-20 PeteMerge branch 'master' of https://git.freesoftwareextrem...
2020-10-20 rAdd favicon
2020-10-19 rFix typo
2020-10-19 rFix retweeted by id on user page
2020-10-19 rAdd setting for default format
2020-10-19 rAdd keyboard shortcuts
2020-10-19 rAvoid search call for empty query
2020-10-19 rSimplify retweet/like form
2020-10-19 rFix CSS issues
2020-10-17 rFix search query escaping
2020-09-27 rFix next link on timeline page
2020-09-27 rAdd likes list
2020-09-27 rAdd blocks list
2020-09-27 rAdd mutes list
2020-09-27 rAdd bookmarks
2020-09-27 rFix CSS issues
2020-09-22 rMake navigation links more prominent
2020-09-22 rUse '@' prefix for all usernames
2020-09-22 rUpdate time duration calculation
2020-09-22 rUpdate CSS
2020-09-07 PeteMake likes/reposts smaller and fade them a little.
2020-09-07 PeteAllow type-specific notification CSS
2020-09-03 rFix issues related to AntiDopamine mode
2020-09-03 HyphenAdd the Anti Dopamine feature
2020-09-03 HyphenImplement exclusion params for notifications API call
2020-08-30 PeteTweak the colors further.
2020-08-30 PeteTweak the colors some.
2020-08-30 PeteAuto-color backgrounds.
2020-08-30 PeteMake Like/Announce a little lighter to distinguish...
2020-08-22 PeteIt turns out that sometimes the server times out if...
2020-08-22 PeteFix CSS for dark mode, after breaking it.
2020-08-22 PeteAlter the time duration display.
2020-08-22 PeteTweak the CSS more because I am procrastinating.
2020-08-22 PeteTweak the CSS more because I am procrastinating.
2020-08-22 PeteTweak the CSS more because I am procrastinating.
2020-08-22 PeteFix the same problem with which I afflicted the thing...
2020-08-22 PeteSome CSS tweaks.
2020-08-22 PeteSome CSS tweaks.
2020-08-22 PeteSome CSS tweaks.
2020-08-22 PeteTweaking the display of display names, redux.
2020-08-22 PeteTweaking the display of display names.
2020-08-22 Pete100 notifications
2020-08-22 r@freesoftwareextrem... Update kv store
2020-08-22 r@freesoftwareextrem... Fix empty list message on search page
2020-08-22 r@freesoftwareextrem... Show username tootltip on avatar
2020-08-22 rFix invalid CSS syntax
2020-08-21 @pLocal tweaks