9 days ago PeteAlso proper whitespace. Yes, I am testing this in... master
9 days ago PeteI am so annoyed at Alex that I forgot that I didn't...
9 days ago PeteFuck people that intentionally break other people's...
11 days ago PetecLoSe ThE rIgHt TaG
11 days ago PeteI changed the regex but not the replacement.
11 days ago PeteMore greentext
2022-01-06 PeteI think I was trying to make copypaste easier and it...
2022-01-06 PeteTweak greentext
2022-01-06 Pete@r made greentext HE IS A GENIUS OF SCIENCE
2021-11-21 PeteMove the quick reply button again.
2021-11-21 PeteDisplay names are bloat!
2021-11-21 PeteAdd non-hovering quick reply.
2021-11-21 PeteApply @r's quickreply patch.
2021-11-21 rDisplay Mastadon fields on user page
2021-11-21 rEscape user display name
2021-08-16 PeteShow background images in profile headers.
2021-04-03 PeteCustom (per-user) CSS.
2021-04-03 PeteDo a bad thing to time.
2021-04-03 PeteEliminate two clicks from search.
2021-01-17 PeteFix merge. ...Again.
2021-01-17 PeteMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2021-01-17 PeteMerge commit 'e8bfd3093b0bf16c2ce56b3905ea640aa26d0127'
2021-01-17 rChange default theme colors
2021-01-17 rMake redirection work without Referer header
2021-01-16 rFix unread notification indicator
2021-01-16 rShow attachment file name instead of the type
2021-01-16 rShow emojis in poll options
2021-01-16 rMake like/retweet notification content semi-transparent
2021-01-16 rAdd reset button
2021-01-16 rAdd fallback notification
2021-01-16 rAdd follow request support
2021-01-16 rFix user info
2021-01-14 PeteFix merge
2021-01-14 PeteMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2021-01-14 PeteAdditional shade, also helps differentiate reposts.
2020-11-28 rFix RTL display name rendering
2020-11-24 rRemove kv folder from makefile
2020-11-22 rFix CSS
2020-11-22 rRefactor things
2020-11-14 rFix link targets
2020-11-14 rAdd notification interval setting
2020-11-11 rFix CSS issues
2020-10-30 rAvoid unnecessary API call on thread page
2020-10-30 rFix http client
2020-10-30 rUse username as title for mentions
2020-10-30 rFix CSS issues
2020-10-25 rUse favicon on all pages
2020-10-21 Pete@ is the ugliest character.
2020-10-21 PeteUn-@ further.
2020-10-21 PeteUn-@ and fix a merge I botched.
2020-10-20 PeteMerge branch 'master' of https://git.freesoftwareextrem...
2020-10-20 rAdd favicon
2020-10-19 rFix typo
2020-10-19 rFix retweeted by id on user page
2020-10-19 rAdd setting for default format
2020-10-19 rAdd keyboard shortcuts
2020-10-19 rAvoid search call for empty query
2020-10-19 rSimplify retweet/like form
2020-10-19 rFix CSS issues
2020-10-17 rFix search query escaping
2020-09-27 rFix next link on timeline page
2020-09-27 rAdd likes list
2020-09-27 rAdd blocks list
2020-09-27 rAdd mutes list
2020-09-27 rAdd bookmarks
2020-09-27 rFix CSS issues
2020-09-22 rMake navigation links more prominent
2020-09-22 rUse '@' prefix for all usernames
2020-09-22 rUpdate time duration calculation
2020-09-22 rUpdate CSS
2020-09-07 PeteMake likes/reposts smaller and fade them a little.
2020-09-07 PeteAllow type-specific notification CSS
2020-09-03 rFix issues related to AntiDopamine mode
2020-09-03 HyphenAdd the Anti Dopamine feature
2020-09-03 HyphenImplement exclusion params for notifications API call
2020-08-30 PeteTweak the colors further.
2020-08-30 PeteTweak the colors some.
2020-08-30 PeteAuto-color backgrounds.
2020-08-30 PeteMake Like/Announce a little lighter to distinguish...
2020-08-22 PeteIt turns out that sometimes the server times out if...
2020-08-22 PeteFix CSS for dark mode, after breaking it.
2020-08-22 PeteAlter the time duration display.
2020-08-22 PeteTweak the CSS more because I am procrastinating.
2020-08-22 PeteTweak the CSS more because I am procrastinating.
2020-08-22 PeteTweak the CSS more because I am procrastinating.
2020-08-22 PeteFix the same problem with which I afflicted the thing...
2020-08-22 PeteSome CSS tweaks.
2020-08-22 PeteSome CSS tweaks.
2020-08-22 PeteSome CSS tweaks.
2020-08-22 PeteTweaking the display of display names, redux.
2020-08-22 PeteTweaking the display of display names.
2020-08-22 Pete100 notifications
2020-08-22 r@freesoftwareextrem... Update kv store
2020-08-22 r@freesoftwareextrem... Fix empty list message on search page
2020-08-22 r@freesoftwareextrem... Show username tootltip on avatar
2020-08-22 rFix invalid CSS syntax
2020-08-21 @pLocal tweaks
2020-08-07 rUpdate config description
2020-07-28 rFix search page text
2020-07-28 rFix typo