2020-02-18 rUpdate makefile and install instructions
2020-02-09 rMerge branch 'master' of git.freesoftwareextremist...
2020-02-09 rAdd poll support
2020-02-08 rRemove account relationship buttons for logged in user...
2020-02-08 rAdd account muting and blocking
2020-02-06 rRender emojis in profile description
2020-02-02 rUpdate default config
2020-02-02 rAdd install instructions
2020-02-02 rAdd status deletion
2020-02-02 rAdd conversation muting
2020-02-01 rFix Makefile
2020-02-01 rFix fluoride
2020-02-01 rUpdate README
2020-02-01 rUse vendored dependencies
2020-01-31 rRemove websocket api
2020-01-31 rAdd install target for make
2020-01-31 rUpdate user page
2020-01-31 rFix error reponse
2020-01-30 rAdd user search page
2020-01-30 rRemove icons
2020-01-29 rUpdate notification layout
2020-01-28 rAdd direct timeline
2020-01-28 rFix error printing
2020-01-28 rUpdate config
2020-01-28 rRefactor everything
2020-01-26 rFix migration script
2020-01-26 rMake fluoride librejs compatible
2020-01-26 rChange link hover behaviour
2020-01-26 rFix go mod
2020-01-26 rUpdate random id generation algorithm
2020-01-26 rAdd CSRF protection
2020-01-15 rFix notification count
2020-01-14 rRefactor renderer and templates
2020-01-12 rAdd dark mode
2020-01-11 rAdd status reply preview in fluoride mode
2020-01-11 rUse max height for status content
2020-01-11 rUse url fragment for post link on thread page
2020-01-10 rUse readable timestamp for statuses
2020-01-10 rFix notification timestamp
2020-01-10 rAdd page titles
2020-01-08 rAdd fluoride mode
2020-01-05 rFix duplicate status ids
2020-01-04 rUse post method for like and retweet
2020-01-01 rRename package to bloat
2020-01-01 rAdd command line flag to specify config file
2020-01-01 rUpdate readme
2020-01-01 rUse png icons instead of font icons
2020-01-01 rFix css
2019-12-31 rAdd option to mask nsfw attachments
2019-12-29 rAdd default settings
2019-12-29 rUse SetCookie function
2019-12-29 rAdd following and followers page
2019-12-27 rAdd settings page
2019-12-26 rAdd search page
2019-12-26 rAdd post format selection
2019-12-26 rAdd liked by and retweeted by page
2019-12-26 rFix scope icon
2019-12-25 rUpdate header template and add option for custom css
2019-12-25 rRefector render structs
2019-12-25 rFix timeline pagination
2019-12-25 rFix type in css
2019-12-25 rAdd local and twkn timelines
2019-12-24 rFix status content style
2019-12-24 rAdd userinfo in navigation
2019-12-22 rSwitch to fork-awesome font
2019-12-22 rAdd emojis page
2019-12-22 rFix go mod
2019-12-22 rAdd nsfw checkbox for posts
2019-12-22 rAdd nsfw mask for status media
2019-12-22 rFix css and template issues
2019-12-21 rAdd support for scopes
2019-12-21 rUse a custom client for settings
2019-12-21 rUse json format for app and session repo
2019-12-21 rMake instance domain required in signin form
2019-12-21 rUse a single form for new posts and replies
2019-12-21 rShow content warning in status
2019-12-21 rAdd about page
2019-12-21 rUse local url for for mentioned users
2019-12-20 rFix TimeSince calculation
2019-12-20 rAdd user page and follow/unfollow calls
2019-12-19 rRemove unused file
2019-12-19 rImprove css for mobile devices
2019-12-19 rUse css :target to highlight current post
2019-12-19 rFix reply template
2019-12-18 rAdd reply links on thread page
2019-12-18 rChange default database directory
2019-12-17 rRemove sqlite from README
2019-12-17 rUse filesystem based kv store instead of sqlite
2019-12-17 rFix redirection URL
2019-12-17 rUse http 302 for redirection instead of 303
2019-12-15 rAdd notification support
2019-12-15 rFix prev pagination
2019-12-14 rAdd attachments support
2019-12-14 rFocus relevant status on like, retweet and reply
2019-12-14 rFocus compose box on reply
2019-12-14 rUpdate compose box style
2019-12-14 rFix mentions
2019-12-14 rRename repeated to retweeted in template
2019-12-14 rAdd README file
2019-12-14 rRemove unsed variables from Makefile