2020-08-22 PeteTweak the CSS more because I am procrastinating.
2020-08-22 PeteFix the same problem with which I afflicted the thing...
2020-08-22 PeteSome CSS tweaks.
2020-08-22 PeteSome CSS tweaks.
2020-08-22 PeteSome CSS tweaks.
2020-08-22 PeteTweaking the display of display names, redux.
2020-08-22 PeteTweaking the display of display names.
2020-08-22 Pete100 notifications
2020-08-21 @pLocal tweaks
2020-08-07 rUpdate config description
2020-07-28 rFix search page text
2020-07-28 rFix typo
2020-06-21 rfluoride: Fix syntax and formatting
2020-06-21 rfluoride: Use target=_blank for status links
2020-06-20 rFix status overflow
2020-06-18 rDisable scope selection when replying to a direct post
2020-06-07 rImporve text selection for usernames and emoji shortcodes
2020-06-05 rShow status numbers
2020-06-02 rFix status width
2020-05-29 rFix signin page redirection in single instance mode
2020-05-29 rHTML Escape search queries
2020-05-24 rFix video margin
2020-05-24 rUse attachment description as title
2020-05-24 rImporve emoji style
2020-05-24 rRefactor things
2020-05-03 rUse default preload setting for audio and video
2020-04-25 rAdd option to hide attachments
2020-04-19 rRevert "Fix pre tag overflow"
2020-04-19 rShow {hide,show}retweets button only for followed users
2020-04-19 rAdd single instance mode
2020-04-19 rFix pre tag overflow
2020-04-19 rAdd account {hide,show}retweets
2020-04-17 rAdd account {,un}subscribe
2020-04-14 rFix UI issues
2020-04-05 rAdd description for fluoride mode
2020-03-04 rFix license link
2020-03-04 rAdd description on signin page
2020-03-04 rRemove session details on signout
2020-02-26 rDisplay empty list message
2020-02-26 rGracefully handle the elephant
2020-02-26 rFix logfile
2020-02-26 rAdd notification count in page title
2020-02-23 rCleanup renderer.go
2020-02-23 rConvert root page to html4
2020-02-23 rUse <base> element to set target
2020-02-19 rFix time duration value
2020-02-18 rAdd frame based navigation
2020-02-18 rUpdate makefile and install instructions
2020-02-09 rMerge branch 'master' of git.freesoftwareextremist...
2020-02-09 rAdd poll support
2020-02-08 rRemove account relationship buttons for logged in user...
2020-02-08 rAdd account muting and blocking
2020-02-06 rRender emojis in profile description
2020-02-02 rUpdate default config
2020-02-02 rAdd install instructions
2020-02-02 rAdd status deletion
2020-02-02 rAdd conversation muting
2020-02-01 rFix Makefile
2020-02-01 rFix fluoride
2020-02-01 rUpdate README
2020-02-01 rUse vendored dependencies
2020-01-31 rRemove websocket api
2020-01-31 rAdd install target for make
2020-01-31 rUpdate user page
2020-01-31 rFix error reponse
2020-01-30 rAdd user search page
2020-01-30 rRemove icons
2020-01-29 rUpdate notification layout
2020-01-28 rAdd direct timeline
2020-01-28 rFix error printing
2020-01-28 rUpdate config
2020-01-28 rRefactor everything
2020-01-26 rFix migration script
2020-01-26 rMake fluoride librejs compatible
2020-01-26 rChange link hover behaviour
2020-01-26 rFix go mod
2020-01-26 rUpdate random id generation algorithm
2020-01-26 rAdd CSRF protection
2020-01-15 rFix notification count
2020-01-14 rRefactor renderer and templates
2020-01-12 rAdd dark mode
2020-01-11 rAdd status reply preview in fluoride mode
2020-01-11 rUse max height for status content
2020-01-11 rUse url fragment for post link on thread page
2020-01-10 rUse readable timestamp for statuses
2020-01-10 rFix notification timestamp
2020-01-10 rAdd page titles
2020-01-08 rAdd fluoride mode
2020-01-05 rFix duplicate status ids
2020-01-04 rUse post method for like and retweet
2020-01-01 rRename package to bloat
2020-01-01 rAdd command line flag to specify config file
2020-01-01 rUpdate readme
2020-01-01 rUse png icons instead of font icons
2020-01-01 rFix css
2019-12-31 rAdd option to mask nsfw attachments
2019-12-29 rAdd default settings
2019-12-29 rUse SetCookie function
2019-12-29 rAdd following and followers page
2019-12-27 rAdd settings page