2019-12-14 rFocus relevant status on like, retweet and reply
2019-12-14 rFocus compose box on reply
2019-12-14 rUpdate compose box style
2019-12-14 rFix mentions
2019-12-14 rRename repeated to retweeted in template
2019-12-14 rAdd README file
2019-12-14 rRemove unsed variables from Makefile
2019-12-14 rShow retweet info in status
2019-12-13 rAdd license
2019-12-13 rUse account mentions as default text in replies
2019-12-13 rAdd signout method
2019-12-13 rUpdate page title and add navigation links
2019-12-13 rAdd attachment media support
2019-12-13 rInitial commit