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9 days ago PeteAlso proper whitespace. Yes, I am testing this in... master
9 days ago PeteI am so annoyed at Alex that I forgot that I didn't...
9 days ago PeteFuck people that intentionally break other people's...
11 days ago PetecLoSe ThE rIgHt TaG
11 days ago PeteI changed the regex but not the replacement.
11 days ago PeteMore greentext
2022-01-06 PeteI think I was trying to make copypaste easier and it...
2022-01-06 PeteTweak greentext
2022-01-06 Pete@r made greentext HE IS A GENIUS OF SCIENCE
2021-11-21 PeteMove the quick reply button again.
2021-11-21 PeteDisplay names are bloat!
2021-11-21 PeteAdd non-hovering quick reply.
2021-11-21 PeteApply @r's quickreply patch.
2021-11-21 rDisplay Mastadon fields on user page
2021-11-21 rEscape user display name
2021-08-16 PeteShow background images in profile headers.
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