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2022-01-13 PeteAlso proper whitespace. Yes, I am testing this in...
2022-01-13 PeteI am so annoyed at Alex that I forgot that I didn't...
2022-01-13 PeteFuck people that intentionally break other people's...
2022-01-11 PetecLoSe ThE rIgHt TaG
2022-01-11 PeteI changed the regex but not the replacement.
2022-01-11 PeteMore greentext
2022-01-06 PeteI think I was trying to make copypaste easier and it...
2022-01-06 PeteTweak greentext
2022-01-06 Pete@r made greentext HE IS A GENIUS OF SCIENCE
2021-11-21 PeteMove the quick reply button again.
2021-11-21 PeteDisplay names are bloat!
2021-11-21 PeteAdd non-hovering quick reply.
2021-11-21 PeteApply @r's quickreply patch.
2021-11-21 rDisplay Mastadon fields on user page
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