2017-11-14 Sergey M․release 2017.11.15 2017.11.15
2017-11-14 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-11-14 Remita Amine[common] skip Apple FairPlay m3u8 manifests(closes...
2017-11-14 Sergey M․[vshare] Improve extraction, fix formats sorting and...
2017-11-14 Sergey M․[vshare] Capture and output error message
2017-11-14 Timendum[vshare] Fix extraction (closes #14473)
2017-11-13 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Fix playlist range optimization for --playl...
2017-11-13 Remita Amine[crunchyroll] extract old rtmp formats
2017-11-13 Remita Amine[tva] fix extraction(closes #14736)
2017-11-13 Remita Amine[gamespot] add test for #14652
2017-11-13 Remita Amine[gamespot] lower the preference of http formats(#14652)
2017-11-12 Sergey M․[instagram:user] Fix extraction (closes #14699)
2017-11-12 Bob Poekert[ccma] Fix typo
2017-11-11 Sergey M․Remove sensitive data from logging in messages
2017-11-11 Remita Amine[gamespot] add support for article URLS(closes #14652)
2017-11-11 Remita Amine[gamespot] skip Brightcove Once http formats(#14652)
2017-11-10 gkoelln[cartoonnetwork] Update tokenizer_src (closes #14666)
2017-11-10 Yen Chi Hsuan[wsj] Recognize another URL pattern (closes #14704)
2017-11-09 Sergey M․[pandatv] Modernize (closes #14693)
2017-11-09 hcwhan[pandatv] Update API URL and sign format URLs
2017-11-08 Remita Amineuse older login method(closes #11572)
2017-11-06 Sergey M․release 2017.11.06 2017.11.06
2017-11-06 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-11-05 Sergey M․[hotstar:playlist] Fix issues and improve (closes ...
2017-11-05 Alpesh Valia[hotstar:playlist] Add extractor
2017-11-05 Sergey M․[hotstar] Bypass geo restriction (closes #14672)
2017-11-04 Sergey M․[test_InfoExtractor] Add test for #14660
2017-11-04 Sergey M․[extractor/common] Add protocol for f4m formats
2017-11-04 Sergey M․[f4m] Prefer baseURL for relative URLs (closes #14660)
2017-11-02 Jimbolino[22tracks] Remove extractor (closes #11024)
2017-11-02 Remita Amine[skysport] add support ooyala embed_token protected...
2017-11-02 Remita Amine[gamespot] extract formats referenced with new data...
2017-11-01 Sergey M․[extractor/common] Respect URL query in _extract_wowza_...
2017-10-31 Sergey M․[spankbang] Detect unavailable videos (closes #14644)
2017-10-29 Sergey M․release 2017.10.29 2017.10.29
2017-10-29 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-10-29 Sergey M․[egghead] Fix extraction (closes #14388)
2017-10-29 Sergey M․[extractor/common] Prefix format id for audio only...
2017-10-29 Sergey M․[utils] Add support for zero years and months in parse_...
2017-10-28 enigmaquip[fxnetworks] Extract series metadata
2017-10-28 Sergey M․[younow] Fix issues and improve extraction (closes...
2017-10-28 Andrew Udvare[younow] Add extractor
2017-10-28 Sergey M․[dctptv] Fix extraction (closes #14599)
2017-10-27 Sergey M․[youtube] Restrict embed regex (#14600)
2017-10-27 Sergey M․[vimeo] Restrict iframe embed regex (closes #14600)
2017-10-26 Sergey M․[soundgasm] Improve extraction (closes #14588)
2017-10-25 Alex Seiler[myvideo] Remove extractor (closes #8557)
2017-10-25 Logan B[nbc] Add support for classic-tv videos
2017-10-25 Sergey M․[vrtnu] Add support for cookies authentication and...
2017-10-25 mrBliss[canvas] Add support for (closes #11873)
2017-10-23 J.D. Purcell[twitch:clips] Fix title extraction
2017-10-22 rawcoder[ndtv] Add support for sub-sites
2017-10-22 Sergey M․[dramafever] Fix login error message extraction
2017-10-21 Sergey M․[travis] Disable IRC notifications
2017-10-21 Sergey M․[nickru] Add support for more sites
2017-10-21 Sergey M․[nickde] Add support for
2017-10-21 Sergey M․[nickde] Add support for
2017-10-21 Alex Seiler[nick] Add support for more nickelodeon sites (closes...
2017-10-20 Sergey M․[travis] Enable IRC notifications
2017-10-20 Sergey M․[] Add build status bagde
2017-10-20 Sergey M․[travis] Allow download tests to fail and fast finish
2017-10-20 Alex Seiler[azmedien] Fix test
2017-10-20 Sergey M․release 2017.10.20 2017.10.20
2017-10-20 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-10-20 Alex Seiler[parliamentliveuk] Fix extraction (closes #14524)
2017-10-20 Sergey M․[soundcloud] Update client id (closes #14546)
2017-10-19 Felix Yan[ChangeLog] Fix typo
2017-10-19 Alex Seiler[servus] Add extractor (closes #14362)
2017-10-18 Parmjit Virk[unity] Add extractor (fixes #14528)
2017-10-17 Sergey M․[downloader/fragment] Report warning instead of error...
2017-10-17 Remita Amine[youtube] replace youtube redirect urls in description...
2017-10-17 Remita Amine[pbs] restrict direct video url regex(fixes #14519)
2017-10-17 Yen Chi Hsuan[megaphone] Fix deprecated escape sequence
2017-10-15 Sergey M․[drtv] Respect preference for direct http formats ...
2017-10-15 Sergey M․[eporner] Add support for embed URLs (closes #14507)
2017-10-15 Sergey M․[arte] Capture and output error message
2017-10-15 Sergey M․[downloader/hls] Fix total fragments count when ad...
2017-10-15 Pawit Pornkitprasan[niconico] Improve uploader metadata extraction robustn...
2017-10-14 Sergey M․release 2017.10.15.1 2017.10.15.1
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[downloader/hls] Ignore anvato ad fragments (closes...
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[downloader/fragment] Output ad fragment count
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[scrippsnetworks:watch] Bypass geo restriction
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[anvato] Add ability to bypass geo restriction
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[redditr] Fix extraction for URLs with query (closes...
2017-10-14 Sergey M․release 2017.10.15 2017.10.15
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[scrippsnetworks:watch] Add support for
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[scrippsnetworks:watch] Fix extraction (closes #14389)
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[anvato] Process master m3u8 manifests
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[youtube] Fix relative URLs in description
2017-10-13 Remita Amine[spike] bypass geo restriction
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[howstuffworks] add support for more domains
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[infoq] fix http format downloading
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[generic] fix some of the tests
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[common] add support for jwplayer youtube embeds
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[rtlnl] add support for another type of embeds
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[onionstudios] add support for bulbs-video embeds
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[udn] fix extraction
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[shahid] fix extraction(fixes #14448)