2013-02-18 Philipp Hagemeisterinclude bash completion and manpage in PyPi dist
2013-02-18 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2013.02.18 2013.02.18
2013-02-18 Philipp HagemeisterFix YP IE
2013-02-18 Philipp HagemeisterUse proper echo commands
2013-02-18 Philipp HagemeisterInclude man and bash completion in PyPi release
2013-02-18 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'jaimeMF/TED'
2013-02-18 Philipp Hagemeisterfacebook: also download lq videos
2013-02-18 Philipp HagemeisterFix MyVideo IE
2013-02-18 Jaime Marquínez... TED: Add support for playlists
2013-02-18 Philipp HagemeisterFix 8tracks
2013-02-18 Philipp HagemeisterMark DailyMotion as broken for now (#680)
2013-02-18 Philipp HagemeisterCorrect --newline and give it a more meaningful title
2013-02-18 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'glisignoli/master'
2013-02-18 Philipp HagemeisterAdd tests to MySpass
2013-02-17 Jaime Marquínez... fix some titles in TED
2013-02-17 Jaime Marquínez... Basic support for TED
2013-02-16 bastikadded new InfoExtractor for
2013-02-15 glisignoliUpdate
2013-02-15 glisignoliUpdate youtube_dl/
2013-02-13 Gino LisignoliForgot to remove \r
2013-02-13 Gino LisignoliModified youtube-dl to write new lines with the --newli...
2013-02-09 Mantas MikulėnasFix delayed title display in --console-title
2013-02-08 Philipp HagemeisterCredit Osama Khalid for Keek support
2013-02-08 Philipp HagemeisterAdd tests for keek
2013-02-08 Osama KhalidAdd KeekIE()
2013-02-06 Philipp HagemeisterFix login (Closes #658)
2013-02-05 Philipp HagemeisterIgnore PyPi metadata
2013-02-05 Philipp HagemeisterSupport direct vimeo links (Closes #666)
2013-02-05 Philipp HagemeisterFix encoding in youtube subtitle download (Closes ...
2013-02-02 Philipp HagemeisterEscapist continues to be flaky on travis
2013-02-02 Philipp HagemeisterFix automatic release (oops)
2013-02-02 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2013.02.02 2013.02.02
2013-02-02 Philipp HagemeisterBetter help for new options
2013-02-02 Philipp HagemeisterDisable Stanford OC test for now, and enable escapist
2013-02-02 Philipp HagemeisterImprove cookie error handling
2013-02-01 Philipp HagemeisterSwitch to m4a by default (Closes #240)
2013-02-01 Jeff CrouseAdded "min-filesize" and "max-filesize" options
2013-02-01 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'dcoppa/master'
2013-02-01 Philipp HagemeisterAdd PyPi upload to release script
2013-02-01 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2013.02.01 2013.02.01
2013-02-01 Philipp HagemeisterFix Facebook IE
2013-02-01 Philipp HagemeisterSwitch ComedyCentral test to a permanent URL (They...
2013-02-01 Philipp HagemeisterWork around buggy HTML Parser in Python < 2.7.3 (Closes...
2013-01-30 David CoppaTry setuptools first, then fallback to distutils.core
2013-01-27 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2013.01.28 2013.01.28
2013-01-27 Philipp HagemeisterFix Stanford (Closes #653)
2013-01-27 Philipp Hagemeister8tracks: Ignore hashes
2013-01-27 Philipp Hagemeister8tracks: Better default titles
2013-01-27 Philipp Hagemeister8tracks: Include performer as uploader
2013-01-27 Philipp HagemeisterRemove space before shebang
2013-01-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'jaimeMF/makefilePythonver...
2013-01-27 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2013.01.27 2013.01.27
2013-01-27 Philipp Hagemeister8tracks IE (Closes #652)
2013-01-25 Philipp HagemeisterFix Facebook (Closes #375)
2013-01-25 Philipp HagemeisterDrop md5: spec for now (unused and breaks int values)
2013-01-25 Jaime Marquínez... Option in makefile to select python interpreter
2013-01-20 Philipp HagemeisterGuard against sys.getfilesystemencoding() == None ...
2013-01-16 Philipp Use id as title if no title is present ...
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterDo not backup (under version control and...
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterForce build removal
2013-01-12 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2013.01.13 2013.01.13
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterRevert "Move update to front"
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterDownload progress hooks
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterAggressive test timeout to catch hanging servers
2013-01-12 Philipp Hagemeister[RBMA] Do not fail if thumbnail is empty
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterCorrect on 2.6, where HTTP headers are case...
2013-01-12 Philipp Hagemeistercorrect pushes in release script
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterDefault to py3 in sign-versions
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterPython 2-proof
2013-01-12 Philipp Hagemeisterfix location of updates_key in devscripts/release
2013-01-12 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2013.01.12 2013.01.12
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterRBMA IE (Closes #630)
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterAdd location field
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterMake uploader and upload_date fields optional
2013-01-12 Philipp Hagemeisterrestore youtube-dl (update) binary 2012.12.99
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterCredit jefftimesten for YouPornIE, PornoTubeIE, YouJizzIE
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterProper support for changing User-Agents from IEs
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterImprove YouJizz
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterAdd agecheck and various improvements to YouPorn IE
2013-01-12 Philipp Hagemeister_request_webpage helper methods for queries that need...
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterClean up porno IEs
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'jefftimesten/master'
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterKeep file without any PPs (oops, missed the obvious...
2013-01-12 Philipp Hagemeister--recode-video option (Closes #18)
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterMerge 'jaimeMF/videoconversion' (sans actual option...
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterMake ustream IE more robust
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterMove update to front
2013-01-12 Philipp HagemeisterLess confusing player version
2013-01-11 Jaime Marquínez... Add a PostProcessor for converting video format
2013-01-11 Philipp HagemeisterLess git acrobatics in devscripts/
2013-01-11 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2013.01.11 2013.01.11
2013-01-11 Philipp HagemeisterAdd Makefile in tarball (Closes #626)
2013-01-10 Philipp HagemeisterCorrect documentation (Closes #625)
2013-01-10 Philipp HagemeisterSupport --audio-format=opus
2013-01-09 Philipp HagemeisterFix broken ffmpeg (Closes #623)
2013-01-08 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2013.01.08 2013.01.08
2013-01-08 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #621 from atomizer/master
2013-01-07 atomizerMerge branch 'my-origin/master'
2013-01-07 tweaks
2013-01-07 Philipp HagemeisterFix tar target (--exclude-vcs is not supported everywhe...