2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #473 from grimreaper/master
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterActually merge #379
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'joelverhagen/master'
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterFix output format doc
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterExtended documentation for output format in README...
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterWindows build for 2012.11.28 2012.11.28
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterBump version number to a numeric-only one to appease...
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterBump version number
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterAdd test for asian characters (#551)
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMinor filename encoding improvement in a common case
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'chrisjrn/master'
2012-11-27 Christopher... Fixes the InfoExtractor for the Colbert Report.
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterFix spacing in comedycentral IE
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'chrisjrn/master'
2012-11-27 Philipp Hagemeisterwarn if %(stitle)s is being used
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterEncode the entire filename
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterClean up test
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterSwitch back to underline for invalid characters, and...
2012-11-27 Christopher... Fixed indentation error
2012-11-27 Christopher... Removes extranous debugging info :)
2012-11-27 Christopher... Adds format listing/selection support to the Comedy...
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'chrisjrn/master'
2012-11-27 Christopher... Removes extraneous debug message.
2012-11-27 Christopher... Points the ComedyCentral extractor at a CDN which works...
2012-11-26 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'gcmalloc/master'
2012-11-26 Filippo Valsordarelease 2012.11.27 2012.11.27
2012-11-26 Philipp Hagemeisterremove accidental remnants
2012-11-26 Philipp HagemeisterNew optoin --restrict-filenames
2012-11-26 Philipp HagemeisterRemove redundancy in instructions
2012-11-26 Philipp HagemeisterMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-26 Philipp HagemeisterDocument configuration
2012-11-26 Filippo Valsordafix FAQ on how to compile (also, starnge fix in the...
2012-11-26 Philipp HagemeisterUse character instead of byte strings
2012-11-26 Philipp HagemeisterRemove longs (int does the right thing since Python...
2012-11-26 Philipp HagemeisterAdd some parentheses around print for #180
2012-11-26 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #538 from zejn/patch-1
2012-11-25 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #545 from FiloSottile/alias
2012-11-25 Filippo Valsordaalias %(title)s to %(stitle)s
2012-11-25 Filippo Valsordaaliased --literal to --title
2012-11-21 zejnAlso enable album URLs on Vimeo.
2012-11-17 Filippo Valsordarelease 2012.11.17 2012.11.17
2012-11-13 Filippo ValsordaReworked Vimeo file selection logic (quality, codec...
2012-11-11 Filippo ValsordaMerge pull request #522 from art-zhitnik/master
2012-11-11 Art ZhitnikSolve the bug of parsing titles with unicode (cyrillic)
2012-11-09 Filippo Valsordaquiet the HTMLParser debug info - closes #517
2012-11-07 Filippo Valsordafix DailyMotion official users videos - closes #281...
2012-11-06 Filippo Valsordafixed MetacafeIE (uploader nickname regex) - closes...
2012-10-30 Philipp Hagemeister-x for --extract-audio, one of the most popular options
2012-10-30 Philipp HagemeisterNew --id option for the old default filename pattern
2012-10-29 Philipp HagemeisterAdditional tests in file name sanitation
2012-10-28 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #502 from FiloSottile/new_sanitize_f...
2012-10-28 Filippo Valsordamodified filename escaping to a "smarter" one
2012-10-28 Filippo Valsordaslight change to Dailymotion uploader regex (fix)
2012-10-26 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #491 from tyll/master
2012-10-25 Till MaasUpdate install target
2012-10-24 Filippo ValsordaMerge pull request #488 from Tailszefox/local
2012-10-24 gcmallocadding second vimeo url
2012-10-23 gcmallocskipping vimeo for the moment
2012-10-23 gcmallocadding xnxx test
2012-10-23 gcmallocadding collegehumor test
2012-10-23 gcmallocadding stanford open class courses
2012-10-23 gcmallocadding test for vimeo, xvideo and soundcloud
2012-10-23 TailszefoxFix audio bitrate quality for ffmpeg/avconv
2012-10-23 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #486 from Tailszefox/local
2012-10-22 TailszefoxAdded duration for YouTube videos
2012-10-22 Philipp HagemeisterSupport raw playlist parameters (Closes #482)
2012-10-22 Philipp HagemeisterRestore 2.5 compat by activating with_statement future
2012-10-22 Filippo Valsordahandle YT urls with #/ redirects (closes #484)
2012-10-19 Philipp HagemeisterDon't use 2.7+ check_output
2012-10-19 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #472 from gcmalloc/master
2012-10-19 gcmalloccorrecting travis
2012-10-19 gcmallocchanging test from md5 to filesize, the file changed...
2012-10-19 gcmalloccleaning the test that doesn't work with the api for...
2012-10-19 gcmallocsome assertion on the file downloaded
2012-10-19 gcmallocremoving testing video
2012-10-19 gcmalloccorrecting test to be compatible with python2.6
2012-10-19 gcmallocStringIO used by nosetests do not merge with the way...
2012-10-19 gcmalloccorrection on the test
2012-10-16 Eitan AdlerFix mandoc nits
2012-10-15 gcmallocadding travis support
2012-10-14 Filippo ValsordaNew IE: YouTube channels (closes #396)
2012-10-12 gcmalloccorrecting the makefile according to the new one
2012-10-12 gcmallocremoving extended globbing for the find utility
2012-10-12 gcmallocadding xvideo
2012-10-12 gcmallocadding facebook test
2012-10-12 gcmallocadding photobucket test
2012-10-12 gcmallocadding metacafe test
2012-10-12 gcmallocadding dailymotion test
2012-10-12 gcmallocsome changes to keep the same standard
2012-10-12 gcmallocremoving unused global modifier
2012-10-12 gcmalloccorrecting the makefile
2012-10-12 gcmallocchanging test video
2012-10-12 gcmalloccorrection on the test for the
2012-10-12 gcmallocadding clean rule in the makefile
2012-10-12 gcmallocadding download test with md5 check
2012-10-12 gcmallocadding TestCase class and corresponding test
2012-10-12 gcmalloccorrection on the sanitize title method, change in...
2012-10-12 gcmallocadding test rule in the Makefile
2012-10-11 Filippo Valsordasupport EDU YouTube playlists (closes #407)
2012-10-09 Filippo Valsordarelease 2012.10.09 2012.10.09