2018-01-08 Sergey M․[ok] Add support for live streams
2018-01-07 Remita Amine[canalplus] fix extraction(closes #15072)
2018-01-07 Chih-Hsuan Yen[ChangeLog] update after #15188
2018-01-07 Luca Steebfix bilibili extraction (closes #15171)
2018-01-07 Sergey M․release 2018.01.07 2018.01.07
2018-01-07 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2018-01-07 Sergey M․[jwplatform] Add support for multiple embeds (closes...
2018-01-06 Sergey M․[motherless:group] Relax entry extraction and add a...
2018-01-06 Sergey M․[motherless:group] Capture leading slash of video path
2018-01-06 Sergey M․[mitele] Fix extraction (closes #15186)
2018-01-06 Martin Weinelt[motherless] Add support for groups
2018-01-06 Sergey M․[lynda] Relax _VALID_URL (closes #15185)
2018-01-05 Parmjit Virk[soundcloud] Fallback to avatar picture for thumbnail...
2018-01-04 Chih-Hsuan Yen[ChangeLog] Update after #15137
2018-01-04 JianxinLi[youku] Fix list extraction.(close #15135) (#15137)
2018-01-04 Yen Chi Hsuan[openload] Fix extraction (closes #15166)
2018-01-03 Sergey M․[lynda] Skip invalid subtitles (closes #15159)
2018-01-03 Luc Ritchie[twitch] Pass video id to url_result when extracting...
2018-01-02 Jaime Marquínez... [] Fix extraction of some new URLs
2018-01-02 Mattias Wadman[acast] Fix extraction
2018-01-02 Sergey M․[travis] Add Jython build
2018-01-01 Philipp Hagemeister[utils] Fix youtube-dl under PyPy3 on Windows
2018-01-01 Sergey M․[travis] Add PyPy builds
2018-01-01 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Output python implementation in debug header
2017-12-30 Sergey M․release 2017.12.31 2017.12.31
2017-12-30 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-12-30 Ondřej Caletka[extractor/common] Add container meta field for formats...
2017-12-30 Windom[slutload] Add support for mobile URLs
2017-12-30 Sergey M․[abc:iview] Improve extraction and bypass geo restricti...
2017-12-30 d2au[abc:iview] Fix extraction (closes #14711)
2017-12-30 Sergey M․[downloader/hls] Use HTTP headers for key request
2017-12-30 Yen Chi Hsuan[openload] Fix extraction (closes #15118)
2017-12-30 Sergey M․[mediasite] Improve extraction and code style, add...
2017-12-30 felix[mediasite] Add extractor, subsume sandia and collegera...
2017-12-30 felix[common] use AACL as the default fourcc when AudioTag...
2017-12-29 Remita Amine[ufctv] Add new extractor(closes #14520)
2017-12-29 50csent[pluralsight] Fix missing first line of subtitles ...
2017-12-29 Sergey M․[openload] Fallback on f-page extraction (closes #14665...
2017-12-29 Sergey M․[vimeo] Improve password protected videos extraction...
2017-12-29 Sergey M․[extractor/common] Fix extraction of DASH formats with...
2017-12-28 Remita Amine[aws] fix canonical/signed headers generation in python...
2017-12-28 Sergey M․release 2017.12.28 2017.12.28
2017-12-28 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-12-27 Sergey M․[internazionale] Improve extraction (closes #14973)
2017-12-27 Leonardo Taccari[internazionale] Add extractor
2017-12-27 Ondřej Caletka[playtvak] Relax video regex and make description optional
2017-12-26 Remita Amine[filmweb] improve extraction
2017-12-26 Déstin Reed[Filmweb] Add extractor
2017-12-26 Remita Amine[espn] Add new extractor for
2017-12-26 Remita Amine[umg:de] Add new extractor(closes #11582)(closes #11584)
2017-12-25 Remita Amine[espn] add support for espnfc and extract more formats...
2017-12-25 Yen Chi Hsuan[ChangeLog] Update after #15065
2017-12-25 JianxinLi[youku] Add test case.
2017-12-25 JianxinLi[youku] Fix list extraction.(close #15065)
2017-12-24 Yen Chi Hsuan[openload] Remove a confusing exception
2017-12-24 Sergey M․[openload] Add support for (closes #15070)
2017-12-23 Yen Chi Hsuan[ChangeLog] typo
2017-12-23 Yen Chi Hsuan[ChangeLog] Update after #14903
2017-12-23 JianxinLi[youku] Update ccode
2017-12-23 Sergey M․release 2017.12.23 2017.12.23
2017-12-23 Sergey M․[kaltura] Fix typo
2017-12-23 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-12-23 Sergey M․[kaltura] Add another embed pattern for entry_id
2017-12-23 Sergey M․[voot] Fix video identification
2017-12-23 Sergey M․[extractor/common] Move X-Forwarded-For setup code...
2017-12-23 Remita Amine[7plus] Add new extractor(closes #15043)
2017-12-22 Sergey M․[] Include all test data in PyPI package
2017-12-22 Sergey M․[Makefile] Add AUTHORS to youtube-dl.tar.gz
2017-12-22 Sergey M․Add LICENSE, AUTHORS and ChangeLog to PyPI package...
2017-12-20 Sergey M․[animeondemand] Fix typo
2017-12-19 Sergey M․[animeondemand] Relax login error regex
2017-12-19 Remita Amine[shahid] add support for show pages(closes #7401)
2017-12-18 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Add support for playlist_uploader and playl...
2017-12-18 Sergey M․[youtube] Extract uploader, uploader_id and uploader_ur...
2017-12-18 Sergey M․[extractor/common] Introduce uploader, uploader_id...
2017-12-18 Sergey M․[afreecatv] Improve format extraction (closes #15019)
2017-12-17 Sergey M․[downloader/fragment] Encode filename of fragment being...
2017-12-17 Remita Amine[cspan] add support for audio only pages and catch...
2017-12-17 Sergey M․[mailru] Fix issues and improve (closes #14904)
2017-12-17 Hongjie Dong[mailru] Add support for embed URLs
2017-12-17 Remita Amine[crunchyroll] Future-proof XML element checks(closes...
2017-12-16 Sergey M․[cbslocal] Fix timestamp extraction (closes #14999...
2017-12-16 Sergey M․[utils] Add another date format pattern (#14999)
2017-12-16 Remita Amine[discoverygo] correct ttml subtitle extension
2017-12-15 Sergey M․[vk] Make view count optional (closes #14979)
2017-12-15 Remita Amine[disney] skip Apple FairPlay formats(#14982)
2017-12-15 Remita Amine[voot] sort formats
2017-12-14 Remita Amine[voot] fix format extraction(closes #14758)
2017-12-13 Sergey M․release 2017.12.14 2017.12.14
2017-12-13 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-12-13 Sergey M․[itv] Improve extraction, extract more subtitles and...
2017-12-13 Sergey M․[postprocessor/xattr] Clarify NO_SPACE message (#14970)
2017-12-13 Remita Amine[byutv] add support for geo restricted videos
2017-12-13 Sergey M․[downloader/http] Return actual download result (closes...
2017-12-13 Sergey M․[byutv] Fix extraction (closes #14966, closes #14967)
2017-12-12 Remita Amine[tbs] fix typo
2017-12-12 Remita Amine[] fix extraction for 320k m3u8 streams
2017-12-12 Remita Amine[toutv] add support special video urls(closes #14179)
2017-12-12 Remita Amine[discovery] fix free videos extraction(#14157)(#14954)
2017-12-11 Remita Amine[tvnow] fix extraction(closes #7831)