2016-03-28 Sergey M․Exclude from flake8
2016-03-28 Sergey M․[devscripts/] Make and...
2016-03-28 Sergey M․[Makefile] Fix target
2016-03-28 Sergey M․[devscripts/make_issue_template] Rework to use ISSUE_TE...
2016-03-28 Sergey M․Add ISSUE_TEMPLATE.tmpl as template for
2016-03-28 Sander van... Add initial ISSUE_TEMPLATE
2016-03-27 Sergey M[] Add format_id to the list of string meta...
2016-03-27 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Fix sanitizing subtitles' url
2016-03-27 Sergey M․[pornhub] Fix typo (Closes #9008)
2016-03-27 Sergey M․[foxnews] Restore upload time fields in test
2016-03-27 Sergey M․[amp] Fix upload timestamp extraction (Closes #9007)
2016-03-27 Sergey M․[pornhub:uservideos] Add support for multipage videos...
2016-03-27 Sergey M․[pornhub:playlistbase] Do not include videos not from...
2016-03-27 Sergey M․[pornhub:playlistbase] Use orderedSet
2016-03-27 Sergey M․[bbc] Extend vpid regex (Closes #9003)
2016-03-27 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2016.03.27 2016.03.27
2016-03-27 Sergey M․[extractor/common] Filter out unsupported encrypted...
2016-03-27 Sergey M․[downloader/f4m] Extract routine for removing unsupport...
2016-03-27 Sergey M․Remove _sort_formats from _extract_*_formats methods
2016-03-26 Yen Chi Hsuan[twitter] Handle another form of embedded Vine
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[pluralsight] Extract chapter metadata (Closes #8993)
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[lynda] Extract chapter metadata (#8993)
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[vevo] Update videoservice API URL (Closes #8900)
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[udemy] Improve paid course detection
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[udemy] Improve format_id
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[udemy] Drop outputs' formats
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[udemy] Add outputs metadata to view_html formats
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[udemy] Fix outputs' formats format_id
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[udemy] Use custom sorting
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[udemy] Extract formats from view_html (Closes #8979)
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[youtube:playlistsbase] Restrict playlist regex (Closes...
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Sort imports
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Sanitize final URLs (Closes #8991)
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[utils] Extract sanitize_url routine
2016-03-26 Sergey M․[mailru] Extend _VALID_URL (Closes #8990)
2016-03-26 Yen Chi Hsuan[twitter] Fix extraction (closes #8966)
2016-03-26 Yen Chi Hsuan[generic] Add a test case for brightcove embed
2016-03-26 Yen Chi Hsuan[brightcove] Extract more formats (#8862)
2016-03-26 Yen Chi Hsuan[brightcove] Support alternative BrightcoveExperience...
2016-03-26 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2016.03.26 2016.03.26
2016-03-25 Sergey M․[test_compat] Add tests for compat_urllib_parse_urlencode
2016-03-25 Sergey M․Use urlencode_postdata across the codebase
2016-03-25 Sergey M․[compat] Add compat_urllib_parse_urlencode and eliminat...
2016-03-25 Sergey M․[thescene] Fix extraction and improve style (Closes...
2016-03-25 Sergey M․[once] Relax _VALID_URL (Closes #8976)
2016-03-25 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2016.03.25 2016.03.25
2016-03-25 Yen Chi Hsuan[iqiyi] Update enc_key
2016-03-25 Yen Chi Hsuan[douyutv] Extend _VALID_URL
2016-03-24 Sergey M․Credit @Kagami for mnet (#8958)
2016-03-24 Sergey M․[mnet] Improve (Closes #8958)
2016-03-24 Kagami Hiiragi[mnet] Add new extractor
2016-03-24 Sergey M․[udemy] Add support for new URL schema
2016-03-24 Sergey M․[udemy] Extract formats from outputs
2016-03-24 Sergey M․[udemy] Improve course enrolling
2016-03-24 Sergey M․[extractor/__init__] Add youtube:live and sort youtube...
2016-03-24 Sergey M․[youtube:live] Add extractor (Closes #8959)
2016-03-24 Sergey M․[nytimes] Tolerate missing metadata (Closes #8952)
2016-03-24 Sergey M․[iprima] Fix extraction (Closes #8953)
2016-03-24 Sergey M․[mtv] Fix description extraction (Closes #8962)
2016-03-24 Yen Chi Hsuan[utils] Clarify Python versions affected by buggy struc...
2016-03-24 Yen Chi Hsuan[tumblr] Add a test with Instagram embed
2016-03-24 Yen Chi Hsuan[generic] Extract Instagram embeds (#8817)
2016-03-24 Yen Chi Hsuan[instagram] Unescape description (#8817)
2016-03-24 Yen Chi Hsuan[instagram] Extract embed videos (#8817)
2016-03-23 Yen Chi Hsuan[tumblr] Support Vine embeds (#8817)
2016-03-23 Yen Chi Hsuan[generic] Support Vine embeds (#8817)
2016-03-23 Yen Chi Hsuan[test/test_utils] Update for escape_url change (again)
2016-03-23 Yen Chi Hsuan[test/test_utils] Update for escape_url change
2016-03-23 Sergey MMerge pull request #8898 from dstftw/fragment-retries
2016-03-23 Sergey M․[tunein] Fix stream data extraction (Closes #8899,...
2016-03-23 Yen Chi Hsuan[utils] Encode hostnames before passing to urllib
2016-03-22 Jaime Marquínez... Add extractor for (closes #8929)
2016-03-22 Sergey M․[once] Prevent ads from embedding into m3u8 playlists...
2016-03-22 Sergey M․[laola1tv] Add support for livestreams (Closes #8934)
2016-03-22 Sergey M․[ceskatelevize] Make m3u8 formats extraction non fatal...
2016-03-21 Sergey M․[animeondemand] Skip dash for now
2016-03-21 Sergey M․[animeondemand] Extract teaser when no full episode...
2016-03-21 Sergey M․[animeondemand] Respect startvideo (Closes #8923)
2016-03-21 Sergey M․[motherless] Detect friends only videos
2016-03-21 Sergey M․[xhamster:embed] Extract vars (Closes #8912)
2016-03-21 Sergey M․[rutv] Improve flash version pattern (Closes #8911)
2016-03-21 Sergey M․Add support for https for all extractors as preventive...
2016-03-21 Sergey M․Add missing r prefix for _VALID_URLs
2016-03-21 Sergey M․[mailru] Add support for https (Closes #8920)
2016-03-20 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Improve _format_note
2016-03-20 Sergey M․[animeondemand] Extract all formats (Closes #8906)
2016-03-20 Sergey M․[animeondemand] Detect geo restriction
2016-03-20 Yen Chi Hsuan[kwuo] Fix KuwoChartIE and KuwoSingerIE and accept...
2016-03-20 Yen Chi HsuanCredit @vitstradal for the key algorithm in OpenloadIE...
2016-03-20 Yen Chi Hsuan[vlive] Fix creator extraction (closes #8814)
2016-03-20 Jaime Marquínez... README: document that BSD make is also supported (...
2016-03-20 Yen Chi Hsuan[openload] Misc improvements
2016-03-20 Yen Chi Hsuan[openload] Add new extractor (closes #8489)
2016-03-20 Yen Chi Hsuan[tudou] Use InAdvancePagedList (closes #8884)
2016-03-20 Sergey M․[francetv] Improve formats extraction
2016-03-20 Sergey M․[francetvinfo] Add support for france3-regions and...
2016-03-20 Sergey MMerge pull request #8902 from jaimeMF/bmake
2016-03-20 Sergey M․[discovery] Relax _VALID_URL (Closes #8903)
2016-03-19 Sergey M․[postprocessort/ffmpeg] Allow embedding webvtt into...
2016-03-19 Jaime Marquínez... Makefile: make it compatible with bmake