2016-04-21 Sergey MMerge pull request #9110 from remitamine/parse_duration
2016-04-21 remitamine[utils] imporove parse_duration to handle more formats
2016-04-21 Yen Chi Hsuan[mgtv] Add new extractor (closes #9212)
2016-04-21 Yen Chi Hsuan[dispeak/gdcvault] Add the test case from #5784
2016-04-21 Yen Chi Hsuan[dispeak] Add new extractor
2016-04-21 Yen Chi Hsuan[gdcvault] Fix for videos with hard-coded hostnames
2016-04-21 Yen Chi Hsuan[streetvoice] Fix extraction
2016-04-21 Yen Chi Hsuan[extractor/common] Allow empty post data
2016-04-20 Sergey M․[tvigle] Fix extraction (Closes #9259)
2016-04-20 Sergey M․[quickvid] Remove extractor (Closes #9258)
2016-04-20 Sergey M․[youtube] Capture and output login error message
2016-04-19 Sergey M․[people] Remove bogus comment
2016-04-19 Sergey M․[people] Add extractor
2016-04-19 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2016.04.19 2016.04.19
2016-04-18 Sergey M․[vimeo] Improve _VALID_URL (Closes #9229)
2016-04-17 Sergey M․[theonion] Remove extractor (Closes #9220)
2016-04-17 Jaime Marquínez... [youtube:playlist] Fetch all the videos in a mix (fixes...
2016-04-17 remitamine[vice] remove unused import and variable
2016-04-17 Yen Chi Hsuan[musicplayon] Relax _VALID_URL and improve metadata...
2016-04-17 Yen Chi Hsuan[musicplayon] Fix extraction (closes #9222)
2016-04-16 remitamineMerge pull request #9195 from remitamine/ffmpeg-pipe
2016-04-16 remitamine[ffmpeg] Clarify rationale for pipe(-) exclusion in...
2016-04-16 remitamine[onionstudios] extract m3u8 formats
2016-04-16 remitamine[ffmpeg] check for - file name in _ffmpeg_filename_argument
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[kuwo:category] Update the test
2016-04-16 Sergey M․[nerdist] Remove extractor
2016-04-16 remitamine[vice] extract youtube embed
2016-04-16 Sergey M․[cbs] Remove unused import
2016-04-16 Sergey M․[extractor/generic] Improve instagram embeds (Closes...
2016-04-16 Sergey M․[instagram] Add support for iframe embeds
2016-04-16 Sergey M․[instagram] Add support for embed URLs
2016-04-16 Sergey M․[mooshare] Remove extractor
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[mdr] Fix extraction and update tests
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[huffpost] Fix a typo
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[generic] Fix test_Generic_2
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[ustream] Fix /embed/ URLs and add a test
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[tudou] Improve error detection (closes #9175)
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[twitter] Don't check /cards/ URLs
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[bbc] Fix a test
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[audiomack] Update the test
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[varzesh3] Add md5 to the test
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[newgrounds] Support videos (closes #9138)
2016-04-16 remitamine[cbs] do not catch Exceptions raised by by _extract_the...
2016-04-16 remitamine[theplatform] remove _sort_formats from _extract_thepla...
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[varzesh3] Fix metadata extraction (closes #9197)
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[gazeta] Relax _VALID_URL and update tests
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[eagleplatform] Fix error handling
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[puls4] Fix error detection (#9194)
2016-04-16 Yen Chi Hsuan[sportbox] Fix SportBoxEmbedIE
2016-04-15 remitamine[cbs] extract rtmp formats
2016-04-15 remitamine[youtube:user] check if the url didn't match only the...
2016-04-15 Sergey M․[karaoketv] Fix extraction
2016-04-15 Yen Chi Hsuan[iqiyi] Also suuport URLs
2016-04-15 Yen Chi Hsuan[karaoketv] Update and mark as not _WORKING
2016-04-15 Yen Chi Hsuan[huffpost] Fix extraction
2016-04-15 Yen Chi HsuanMerge pull request #9041 from kasper93/master
2016-04-15 Yen Chi Hsuan[mixcloud:stream] Add new extractor
2016-04-15 Yen Chi Hsuan[mixcloud] Fix extraction by decrypting play info
2016-04-15 Yen Chi HsuanMerge branch 'Phaeilo-mixcloud'
2016-04-15 Yen Chi Hsuan[mixcloud] Improve and simplify mixcloud:user and mixcl...
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[tdslifeway] Use the new Brightcove API
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[wayofthemaster] Remove extractor
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[ubu] Remove extractor
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[xboxclips] Use http:// URL
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[ministrygrid] Fix extraction and modernize
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[tdslifeway] Add TDSLifewayIE
2016-04-14 remitamine[downloader/external] enable piping for FFmpegFD(closes...
2016-04-14 Sergey M․[arte:creative] Improve _VALID_URL
2016-04-14 Sergey M․[arte:info] Add extractor (Closes #9182)
2016-04-14 remitamine[aol] relex _VALID_URL regex
2016-04-14 Yen Chi HsuanMerge branch 'mixcloud' of
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[metacritic] Add a new valid test case
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[lecture2go] Fix extraction
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[downloader/rtsp] Print the command
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[laola1tv] Improve error detection and skip an invalid...
2016-04-14 Yen Chi Hsuan[karrierevideos] Fix extraction
2016-04-13 aystroganov... Make tbr field 'int' rather than 'tuple'
2016-04-13 Philipp Hagemeisterrelease 2016.04.13 2016.04.13
2016-04-12 Kacper Michajłow[generic] Add support for LiveLeak embeds
2016-04-12 Yen Chi Hsuan[netease] Skip all tests: completely georestricted
2016-04-12 Sergey M․Credit @Phaeilo for presstv (#7113)
2016-04-12 Philip Huppert[mixcloud] improved extraction of user description
2016-04-12 Philip Huppert[mixcloud] support older urllib versions
2016-04-12 Philip Huppert[mixcloud] fixed some tests
2016-04-12 Philip Huppert[mixcloud] Added support for user uploads, playlists...
2016-04-12 Sergey M․[youtube:playlist] Recognize popular uploads playlist...
2016-04-12 Sergey M․[ard] Change subtitles extension to ttml (Closes #9169)
2016-04-12 Yen Chi Hsuan[jadorecettepub] Remove extractor: website gone
2016-04-12 Yen Chi Hsuan[izlesene] Fix extraction
2016-04-12 Yen Chi Hsuan[howstuffworks] Skip a broken test case
2016-04-12 Yen Chi Hsuan[groupon] Fix extraction
2016-04-12 Yen Chi Hsuan[goshgay] Fix extraction
2016-04-11 Sergey M․[mixcloud] Capture error message (#9156)
2016-04-11 remitamineRevert "[openclassroom] Add new extractor(closes #9147)"
2016-04-11 remitamine[openclassroom] Add new extractor(closes #9147)
2016-04-11 Yen Chi Hsuan[] Extended support (#2620)
2016-04-11 Yen Chi HsuanMerge branch 'Phaeilo-presstv'
2016-04-11 Yen Chi Hsuan[presstv] Improve and simplify
2016-04-11 Yen Chi HsuanMerge branch 'presstv' of
2016-04-10 Sergey M․[telebruxelles] Fix extraction (Closes #9142)