2012-12-31 Filippo Valsordaaddedd a serious Public Domain dedication, see unlicens...
2012-12-30 Filippo Valsordamoved docs and updates generation scripts from gh-pages...
2012-12-30 Filippo ValsordaRemoved a spurious increment_downloads, this time cleanly
2012-12-30 Filippo Valsordamoved updating code to
2012-12-30 Filippo Valsordasome fixes, pulled the codename from the code
2012-12-30 Filippo Valsordaprint some version and environment info on --verbose...
2012-12-30 Filippo ValsordaThe new updates system, relies on gh-pages, secured...
2012-12-29 Philipp HagemeisterRevert "Removed a spurious increment_downloads"
2012-12-29 Filippo ValsordaRemoved a spurious increment_downloads
2012-12-27 Philipp HagemeisterAllow ampersand right after ? in youtube URLs (Closes...
2012-12-27 Philipp HagemeisterTweetReel IE
2012-12-26 Filippo Valsordaadd --no-post-overwrites to; + minor style...
2012-12-24 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #601 from paullik/no-post-overwrites
2012-12-24 Barbu Paul... not relying on ffmpeg to do the post-processed file...
2012-12-23 Barbu Paul... apparently the -n option is available only in ffmpeg
2012-12-23 Barbu Paul... modified FFmpegExtractAudioPP to accept whether it...
2012-12-23 Barbu Paul... added the --no-post-overwrites argument
2012-12-20 Philipp HagemeisterMerge branch 'master' of
2012-12-20 Philipp HagemeisterFunnyOrDie IE (Fixes #599)
2012-12-20 Filippo ValsordaTemporary skip Escapist test as it fails only on Travis...
2012-12-20 Filippo Valsordabetter Vimeo tests; fixed a couple of VimeoIE fields
2012-12-20 Filippo Valsordanew info_dict field: uploader_id
2012-12-20 Filippo Valsordasome py3 fixes, both needed and recommended; we should...
2012-12-20 Filippo Valsordaadd info_dict testing to test_download
2012-12-20 Filippo Valsordarefactor YouTube subtitles code, it was ugly (my bad)
2012-12-20 Philipp HagemeisterEnable 3.3 in Travis (works; see https://travis-ci...
2012-12-20 Nick DanielsUpdate Vimeo Info Extractor to get pull in the descript...
2012-12-20 Nick DanielsRefactor IDParser to search for elements by any attribu...
2012-12-20 Philipp HagemeisterDo not use deprecated method
2012-12-20 Philipp HagemeisterExtend json info data / description file test
2012-12-20 Philipp HagemeisterClean up legacy code
2012-12-20 Philipp HagemeisterRemove legacy code
2012-12-20 Philipp HagemeisterCorrect JSON writing (Closes #596)
2012-12-20 Philipp Hagemeistertest write_info_json
2012-12-19 Nick DanielsSublime space formatting
2012-12-19 Nick DanielsIgnore DS_Store files in Git
2012-12-17 Philipp HagemeisterSwitch test to, whose DNS seems to be...
2012-12-17 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-12-17 Philipp HagemeisterRemove some antipatterns and ensure that we always...
2012-12-17 Filippo Valsordaa number of new tests and fixes; all tests green on 3.3
2012-12-17 Filippo ValsordaGoogle Video has been shutdown as of 11/15/2012. All...
2012-12-17 Filippo Valsordavarious py3 fixes; all tests green on 3.3
2012-12-17 Filippo Valsordatest subtitles
2012-12-16 Philipp HagemeisterFix --extract-audio on Python 3
2012-12-16 Philipp HagemeisterTests for
2012-12-16 Philipp HagemeisterCredit vasi for
2012-12-16 Dave VasilevskyMisc fixes
2012-12-16 Dave VasilevskySupport more than 100 videos for
2012-12-16 Dave VasilevskyPreliminary support for and
2012-12-15 Philipp HagemeisterDo not decode None
2012-12-15 Philipp HagemeisterFix VimeoIE in Python 3
2012-12-15 Philipp HagemeisterFix Dailymotion in Python 3
2012-12-15 Philipp HagemeisterFix XNXX in Python 3
2012-12-15 Philipp HagemeisterMore Youku Python 3 fixing
2012-12-15 Philipp HagemeisterFix YoukuIE in Python3 (and in general)
2012-12-15 Philipp HagemeisterFix xvideo IE in Python 3
2012-12-15 Philipp Hagemeisterrestrict sys.argv craziness to Python 2 (Fixes #591)
2012-12-13 Philipp HagemeisterNBA IE (Closes #590)
2012-12-12 Philipp HagemeisterRevert "Don't be too clever"
2012-12-12 Philipp HagemeisterDon't be too clever
2012-12-12 Filippo Valsordastreamlined and simplified dynamic tests generation...
2012-12-12 Filippo ValsordaMerge remote-tracking branch 'gcmalloc/master' into...
2012-12-12 ntoAdd support for comedycentral clips (closes #233)
2012-12-12 gcmalloctest automation
2012-12-11 gcmallocchanging the template file extension
2012-12-11 Filippo Valsordarollback tests multiprocess, Travis and OSX don't suppo...
2012-12-11 gcmallocchanging the template file extension
2012-12-11 Philipp HagemeisterSpeed up testing (<10s instead of 25s)
2012-12-11 Philipp HagemeisterFix TestYoutubeLists.test_youtube_user
2012-12-11 Philipp HagemeisterFix test selection in Python 2.6
2012-12-11 Philipp HagemeisterMerge branch 'master' of
2012-12-11 Filippo ValsordaRelease 2012.12.11 2012.12.11
2012-12-11 Philipp HagemeisterFix in python3
2012-12-11 Filippo Valsordafix playlist pagination and add YT playlist tests ...
2012-12-11 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #580 from FiloSottile/master
2012-12-11 Filippo ValsordaMerge branch 'master' into fork_master
2012-12-11 Filippo Valsordause the new --test option to speed up tests (fetch...
2012-12-11 Filippo Valsordagentests: allow test-specific FileDownloader params...
2012-12-11 Filippo Valsordathe test didn't load our Gzip opener
2012-12-11 Filippo Valsordaprint traceback on trouble if --verbose (why didn't...
2012-12-11 Filippo Valsordaexposing the test mode as --test (hidden and undocumented)
2012-12-11 Filippo Valsordaadded a test mode to FileDownloader that fetches only...
2012-12-08 Filippo ValsordaMerge 'rg3/master' into fork_master
2012-12-08 Filippo ValsordaATTENTION DO NOT USE THESE: new binaries in the Downloa...
2012-12-07 Filippo Valsordanew updating scheme, based on GH downloads; also, check...
2012-12-07 Filippo Valsordait's curious but bash-completion is with - and not _
2012-12-07 gcmallocmaking the script compatible with python3
2012-12-07 gcmalloclittle correction on the readme
2012-12-07 gcmallocadding a proper bash-completion generation
2012-12-07 Filippo Valsordayoutube-dl.tar.gz make target
2012-12-07 Filippo Valsordadevscripts/ in place of all that sedding...
2012-12-07 Filippo Valsordaand now, also py2exe compiles fine :) (on Windows)
2012-12-07 Filippo Valsordapip installs fine!
2012-12-07 Philipp HagemeisterSoundCloud IDs have changed, fix tests
2012-12-07 Philipp HagemeisterUse Soundcloud API (Closes #579)
2012-12-07 Philipp HagemeisterMore work on soundcloud IE
2012-12-06 Philipp HagemeisterCorrect accidental rename
2012-12-06 Philipp HagemeisterMark SoundCloud IE as nonfunctional for now (#579)
2012-12-06 Philipp HagemeisterBetter error reporting for SoundCloud IE
2012-12-06 Philipp HagemeisterLet YoutubeDLHandler (transparent gzip) handle HTTPS...