2017-10-20 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-10-20 Alex Seiler[parliamentliveuk] Fix extraction (closes #14524)
2017-10-20 Sergey M․[soundcloud] Update client id (closes #14546)
2017-10-19 Felix Yan[ChangeLog] Fix typo
2017-10-19 Alex Seiler[servus] Add extractor (closes #14362)
2017-10-18 Parmjit Virk[unity] Add extractor (fixes #14528)
2017-10-17 Sergey M․[downloader/fragment] Report warning instead of error...
2017-10-17 Remita Amine[youtube] replace youtube redirect urls in description...
2017-10-17 Remita Amine[pbs] restrict direct video url regex(fixes #14519)
2017-10-17 Yen Chi Hsuan[megaphone] Fix deprecated escape sequence
2017-10-15 Sergey M․[drtv] Respect preference for direct http formats ...
2017-10-15 Sergey M․[eporner] Add support for embed URLs (closes #14507)
2017-10-15 Sergey M․[arte] Capture and output error message
2017-10-15 Sergey M․[downloader/hls] Fix total fragments count when ad...
2017-10-15 Pawit Pornkitprasan[niconico] Improve uploader metadata extraction robustn...
2017-10-14 Sergey M․release 2017.10.15.1 2017.10.15.1
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[downloader/hls] Ignore anvato ad fragments (closes...
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[downloader/fragment] Output ad fragment count
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[scrippsnetworks:watch] Bypass geo restriction
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[anvato] Add ability to bypass geo restriction
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[redditr] Fix extraction for URLs with query (closes...
2017-10-14 Sergey M․release 2017.10.15 2017.10.15
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[scrippsnetworks:watch] Add support for
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[scrippsnetworks:watch] Fix extraction (closes #14389)
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[anvato] Process master m3u8 manifests
2017-10-14 Sergey M․[youtube] Fix relative URLs in description
2017-10-13 Remita Amine[spike] bypass geo restriction
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[howstuffworks] add support for more domains
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[infoq] fix http format downloading
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[generic] fix some of the tests
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[common] add support for jwplayer youtube embeds
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[rtlnl] add support for another type of embeds
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[onionstudios] add support for bulbs-video embeds
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[udn] fix extraction
2017-10-12 Remita Amine[shahid] fix extraction(fixes #14448)
2017-10-12 Yen Chi Hsuan[ChangeLog] Update after #14471
2017-10-12 nyuszika7h[kaltura] Ignore Widevine encrypted video (.wvm)
2017-10-12 Yen Chi Hsuan[vh1] Adding coding cookie
2017-10-11 Remita Amine[vh1] fix extraction(fixes #9613)
2017-10-11 Sergey M․release 2017.10.12 2017.10.12
2017-10-11 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-10-11 Remita Amine[steam] fix extraction(fixes #14067)
2017-10-11 Sergey M․[funk] Add extractor (closes #14464)
2017-10-11 Sergey M․[nexx] Add support for shortcuts and relax domain id...
2017-10-11 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Improve _default_format_spec (closes #14461)
2017-10-11 Remita Amine[voxmedia] add support for #14173)
2017-10-11 Remita Amine[once] add support for vmap urls
2017-10-11 Sergey M․[generic] Add support for channel9 embeds (closes ...
2017-10-11 Remita Amine[tva] fix extraction(fixes #14328)
2017-10-11 Remita Amine[tubitv] add support for new url format(fixes #14460)
2017-10-11 Remita Amine[afreecatv] remove AfreecaTVGlobalIE
2017-10-10 Yen Chi Hsuan[ChangeLog] Update after #14420
2017-10-10 Khang NguyenRemove YoutubeSharedVideoIE
2017-10-10 Jakub Wilk[slideslive] Add extractor (closes #2680)
2017-10-10 Yen Chi Hsuan[facebook] Support thumbnails (closes #14416)
2017-10-09 Silvan Mosberger[vvvvid] Fix typo
2017-10-09 Sergey M․[hrti:playlist] Relax _VALID_URL
2017-10-09 Sergey M․Fix some regexes
2017-10-08 Sergey M․[wdr] Relax media link regex (closes #14447)
2017-10-07 Aleksandar... [hrti] Relax _VALID_URL
2017-10-07 Sergey M․[fox] Delegate to uplynk:preplay (#14147)
2017-10-07 Sergey M․[youtube] Add support for (closes #14437)
2017-10-06 Sergey M․release 2017.10.07 2017.10.07
2017-10-06 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-10-06 Sergey M․[reddit] Sort formats (closes #14430)
2017-10-06 Sergey M․[] Add explicit entry on flake8
2017-10-06 remis[lnkgo] Relax _VALID_URL
2017-10-06 Jalaz Kumar[pornflip] Extend _VALID_URL (closes #14405)
2017-10-06 Sergey M․[xtube] Add support for embedded URLs (closes #14417)
2017-10-06 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Ignore duplicates in --playlist-items
2017-10-06 Sergey M․[test_YoutubeDL] Add test for #14425
2017-10-06 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Fix out of range --playlist-items for itera...
2017-10-06 Sergey M․[utils] Use in OnDemandPagedList by default
2017-10-04 Sergey M․[xvideos] Add support for embed URLs and improve extrac...
2017-10-04 Philipp Hagemeister[comedycentral] new shortcut :theopposition for "The...
2017-10-03 Sergey M․[beeg] Fix extraction (closes #14403)
2017-10-03 M.K[extractor/common] Fix typo in _parse_mpd_formats
2017-10-03 Sergey M․[] Use revision bound link to YoutubeDL option...
2017-10-03 Jakub Wilk[tvn24] Relax _VALID_URL
2017-10-03 remitamineMerge pull request #14392 from snipem/nbc-fix
2017-10-03 Matthias KüchFix for JSON meta data download
2017-10-01 Sergey M․[postprocessor/ffmpeg] Convert to opus using libopus...
2017-10-01 Sergey M․[ketnet] Add support for videos without direct sources...
2017-10-01 Sergey M․[canvas] Generalize extractor and...
2017-10-01 Sergey M․[afreecatv] Add support for adult videos (closes #14376)
2017-10-01 Sergey M․release 2017.10.01 2017.10.01
2017-10-01 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2017-10-01 Rafal Borczuch[tvp] Add support for new URL schema (closes #14368)
2017-10-01 Sergey M․[generic] Add support for single format Video.js embeds...
2017-09-30 Sergey M․[yahoo] Bypass geo restriction for brightcove (#14210)
2017-09-30 Sergey M․[yahoo] Use extracted brightcove account id (closes...
2017-09-30 Giuseppe Fabiano[rtve:alacarta] Fix extraction (closes #14290)
2017-09-30 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] PEP 8
2017-09-30 Sergey M․[yahoo] Fix some tests
2017-09-30 Sergey M․[yahoo] Add support for custom brigthcove embeds (close...
2017-09-27 Sergey M․[YoutubeDL] Document youtube_include_dash_manifest
2017-09-27 Sergey M․[generic] Add support for Video.js embeds
2017-09-27 Timendum[gfycat] Add support for /gifs/detail URLs (closes...