2012-11-29 Filippo ValsordaNew repo skeleton, getting ready for PyPi
2012-11-29 Filippo ValsordaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into fork_...
2012-11-29 Filippo Valsordaremoved from the root of the repo
2012-11-29 Philipp HagemeisterAllow youtube_dl/ to be called directly
2012-11-29 gcmallocadding the script hook
2012-11-28 gcmalloccleaning binaries
2012-11-28 Philipp HagemeisterCheck during test runtime instead of test generation...
2012-11-28 gcmallocgetting version from git or failing
2012-11-28 gcmallocremoving the zip option, this can be done with python...
2012-11-28 gcmallocmoving to
2012-11-28 gcmalloccorrection on the test
2012-11-28 Philipp HagemeisterCorrect exception raising
2012-11-28 Philipp HagemeisterMark broken IEs in --list-extractors
2012-11-28 Philipp HagemeisterUpdate download tests
2012-11-28 Philipp HagemeisterMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-28 Philipp HagemeisterRestrict more characters (Closes #566)
2012-11-28 Filippo Valsordamake tests skip on not _WORKING
2012-11-28 Filippo Valsordacomment out 3.3 testing until Travis implements it
2012-11-28 gcmallocmaking the metacafe test pass
2012-11-28 Filippo Valsordanew .travis.yml with notifications and 3.3
2012-11-28 Filippo ValsordaMark CollegeHumorIE not working until phihag finishes
2012-11-28 Filippo Valsordafix YouTubeIE on 2.6, sorry
2012-11-28 Philipp Hagemeistercollegehumor: able to download a single f4f file (not...
2012-11-28 Philipp HagemeisterMake __main__ work in all scenarios with relative imports
2012-11-28 Philipp HagemeisterUse relative imports
2012-11-28 Philipp HagemeisterDrop 2.5 support
2012-11-28 Philipp HagemeisterConvert all tabs to 4 spaces (PEP8)
2012-11-28 Philipp Hagemeisterhack for apparently broken parse_qs in python2
2012-11-28 Philipp Hagemeistertest import
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterWoooohooo! python3 youtube_dl BaW_jenozKc -t works!
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterRemove superfluous encodings
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterFix printing title etc.
2012-11-27 Philipp Hagemeistercorrect to_stderr
2012-11-27 Philipp Hagemeisteryoutube IE: Correct bytes vs str
2012-11-27 Philipp Hagemeistertypo
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterUse list comprehension instead of map
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterImport from the correct module
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterPy2/3 parse_qs compatibility
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterOne more
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterPy2/3 compatibility for http.client
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterUse io.BytesIO instead of StringIO
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterPython 3 version of HTMLParser
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterPy3 compat for unichr and htmlentitydefs
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterFall back to urllib instead of urllib2 for Python 3...
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterRemove ur references for Python 3.3 support
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterPrepare urllib references for 2/3 compatibility
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterUse except .. as everywhere (#180)
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterRename util.u to util.compat_str
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-27 Filippo ValsordaMerge pull request #563 from FiloSottile/IE_cleanup
2012-11-27 Filippo ValsordaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into IE_cl...
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMake run on Python 3
2012-11-27 Filippo ValsordaUse None on missing required info_dict fields
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterUse u instead of str in Python 2
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #560 from phihag/fix-to_screen-mode
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterOnly encode when output stream is binary
2012-11-27 Filippo ValsordaIE._WORKING attribute in order to warn the users and...
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterReplace long with int (see PEP 237)
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterBetter formatting (PEP 8)
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterRemove mentions of unicode
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterClean up with the help of pep8
2012-11-27 Philipp Hagemeisterunify spacing
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'Asido/master'
2012-11-27 Philipp Hagemeister2012.11.29 2012.11.29
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterPrepare 2012.11.29 release
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterFix filename sanitation (Closes #555)
2012-11-27 Filippo Valsordadocument info_dict['subtitles'] and info_dict['urlhandle']
2012-11-27 Filippo Valsordamake all IEs return 'upload_date' and 'uploader', even...
2012-11-27 Filippo Valsordainfo_dict['upload_date'] is documented in --output...
2012-11-27 Filippo Valsordainfo_dict['player_url'] is used only for rtmpdump,...
2012-11-27 Filippo Valsordadefault info_dict['format'] to info_dict['ext'] and...
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterAdd Christian Albrecht ( IE) to authors
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterRemove exclamation mark in --restrict-filenames mode
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'alab1001101/master'
2012-11-27 Philipp Hagemeisterignore kate swap files
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterActually fix manpage (#473)
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge pull request #473 from grimreaper/master
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterActually merge #379
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'joelverhagen/master'
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterFix output format doc
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterExtended documentation for output format in README...
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterWindows build for 2012.11.28 2012.11.28
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterBump version number to a numeric-only one to appease...
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterBump version number
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterAdd test for asian characters (#551)
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMinor filename encoding improvement in a common case
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'chrisjrn/master'
2012-11-27 Christopher... Fixes the InfoExtractor for the Colbert Report.
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterFix spacing in comedycentral IE
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'chrisjrn/master'
2012-11-27 Philipp Hagemeisterwarn if %(stitle)s is being used
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterEncode the entire filename
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterClean up test
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterSwitch back to underline for invalid characters, and...
2012-11-27 Christopher... Fixed indentation error
2012-11-27 Christopher... Removes extranous debugging info :)
2012-11-27 Christopher... Adds format listing/selection support to the Comedy...
2012-11-27 Philipp HagemeisterMerge remote-tracking branch 'chrisjrn/master'
2012-11-27 Christopher... Removes extraneous debug message.
2012-11-27 Christopher... Points the ComedyCentral extractor at a CDN which works...