2019-11-28 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2019-11-27 Remita Amine[vimeo] improve extraction
2019-11-26 Remita Amine[openload] remove OpenLoad related extractors(closes...
2019-11-26 Remita Amine[dailymotion] improve extraction
2019-11-26 Remita Amine[corus] improve extraction
2019-11-26 Sergey M․[vivo] Fix extraction (closes #22328, closes #22279)
2019-11-26 Sergey M․[utils] Add generic caesar cipher and rot47
2019-11-26 InfernalUnderling[bitchute] Extract upload date (closes #22990) (#23193)
2019-11-26 InfernalUnderling[utils] Handle rd-suffixed day parts in unified_strdate...
2019-11-26 Sergey M․[soundcloud] Update client id (closes #23214)
2019-11-21 Sergey M․release 2019.11.22 2019.11.22
2019-11-21 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2019-11-21 Sergey M․[ivi] Skip s353 for bundled exe
2019-11-21 Sergey M․[ivi] Fix python 3.4 support
2019-11-21 Sergey M․[ivi] Ask for pycryptodomex instead of pycryptodome
2019-11-21 Sergey M․[chaturbate] Fix extraction (closes #23010, closes...
2019-11-19 Remita Amine[ivi] fallback to old extraction method for unknown...
2019-11-18 Remita Amine[ntvru] add support for non relative file URLs(closes...
2019-11-18 Remita Amine[vk] fix wall audio thumbnails extraction(closes #23135)
2019-11-16 Remita Amine[ivi] improve error detection
2019-11-16 Sergey M․[travis] Add python 3.8 build
2019-11-15 Sergey M․[extractor/common] Add data, headers and query to all...
2019-11-15 Remita Amine[ivi] sign content request only when pycryptodome is...
2019-11-15 Remita Amine[ivi] fix format extraction(closes #21991)
2019-11-14 Remita Amine[comcarcoff] remove extractor
2019-11-13 Sergey M․[drtv] Add support for new URL schema (closes #23059)
2019-11-13 Remita Amine[nexx] Add support for Multi Player JS Setup(closes...
2019-11-12 Remita Amine[teamcoco] add support for new videos(closes #23054)
2019-11-11 Remita Amine[soundcloud] check if the soundtrack has downloads...
2019-11-10 Remita Amine[facebook] fix posts video data extraction(closes ...
2019-11-09 Remita Amine[addanime] remove extractor
2019-11-09 Remita Amine[minhateca] remove extractor
2019-11-09 Remita Amine[daisuki] remove extractor
2019-11-09 Remita Amine[seeker] remove Revision3 extractors and fix extraction
2019-11-09 Remita Amine[extractor/common] clean jwplayer description HTML...
2019-11-09 Remita Amine[twitch] fix video comments URL(#18593)(closes #15828)
2019-11-09 Remita Amine[twitter] improve extraction
2019-11-09 Remita Amine[twitch] add support for Clip embed URLs
2019-11-06 Remita Amine[lnkgo] fix extraction(closes #16834)
2019-11-06 Remita Amine[mixcloud] improve extraction
2019-11-06 Remita Amine[kinja] add support for Kinja embeds
2019-11-06 Remita Amine[onionstudios] fix extraction
2019-11-06 Remita Amine[common] initialize headers param with empty dict
2019-11-05 Remita Amine[common] fix typo
2019-11-05 Remita Amine[hotstar] pass Referer header to format requests(closes...
2019-11-05 Remita Amine[common] pass headers to _extract_(m3u8|mpd)_formats...
2019-11-05 Remita Amine[dplay] minimize response size
2019-11-05 Remita Amine[patreon] minimize reponse size and extract uploader_id...
2019-11-05 Remita Amine[roosterteeth] fix login request(closes #16094)(closes...
2019-11-04 Sergey M․release 2019.11.05 2019.11.05
2019-11-04 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2019-11-04 Sergey M․[scte] Add extractor (closes #22975)
2019-11-04 Remita Amine[msn] add support for Vidible and AOL embeds(closes...
2019-11-04 Remita Amine[myspass] fix video URL extraction and improve metadata...
2019-11-04 Remita Amine[jamendo] restore track url modification
2019-11-04 Remita Amine[jamendo] improve extraction
2019-11-04 Remita Amine[mediaset] relax URL guid matching(closes #18352)
2019-11-04 Remita Amine[mediaset] extract unprotected M3U and MPD manifests...
2019-11-03 Manu Cornet[] Also read permission to the binary in how...
2019-11-03 Remita Amine[telegraaf] fix extraction
2019-11-02 Remita Amine[bellmedia] add support for videos(#22193)
2019-11-02 Remita Amine[stv] fix extraction(closes #22928)
2019-11-02 Remita Amine[iconosquare] remove extractor
2019-11-02 Remita Amine[keek] remove extractor
2019-11-02 geditorit[gameone] Remove extractor (#21778)
2019-11-02 Remita Amine[flipagram] remove extractor
2019-11-01 Remita Amine[bambuser] remove extractor
2019-11-01 Remita Amine[wistia] reduce embed extraction false positives and...
2019-11-01 Remita Amine[go90] remove extractor
2019-11-01 Remita Amine[kakao] remove raw request and extract format total...
2019-11-01 Remita Amine[daum] fix VOD and Clip extracton(closes #15015)
2019-11-01 Remita Amine[kakao] improve extraction
2019-10-31 Remita Amine[mixcloud] fix cloudcast data extraction(closes #22821)
2019-10-31 Remita Amine[yahoo] make cbs URL suffix part of the media alias
2019-10-31 Remita Amine[yahoo] restore support for cbs suffixed URLs
2019-10-30 Remita Amine[yahoo] fix typo
2019-10-30 Remita Amine[yahoo] improve extraction
2019-10-29 Sergey M․[tv2] Fix and improve extraction (closes #22787)
2019-10-29 Sergey M․[tv2dk] Add extractor
2019-10-29 Remita Amine[onet] improve extraction
2019-10-29 Remita Amine[fox9] fix extraction
2019-10-28 Sergey M․release 2019.10.29 2019.10.29
2019-10-28 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2019-10-28 Sergey M․[utils] Actualize major IPv4 address blocks per country
2019-10-28 Sergey M․[ChangeLog] Actualize
2019-10-28 Sergey M․[go] Improve and beautify _VALID_URL
2019-10-28 Sergey M․[go] Add support for and (closes...
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[extractors] add import for MTVJapanIE
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[mtv] add support for
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[mtv] fix extraction for (closes #22113)
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[videodetective] fix extraction
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[internetvideoarchive] fix extraction
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[nbcnews] fix extraction
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[hark] remove extractor
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[tutv] remove extractor
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[learnr] remove extractor
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[macgamestore] remove extractor
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[la7] update Kaltura service URL(closes #22358)
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[thesun] fix extraction(closes #16966)
2019-10-28 Remita Amine[makertv] remove extractor